Patch Notes - 30th July
Posted by Pain at 01h49 on News
Hello, chasers!
We would like to inform you that this update is not a common update that you were probably waiting for but we hope you can understand that it is as much as important as that kind of update.
From today on, we are releasing a new version of our client of the game. With the new client, we are going to be able to do drastic changes in the game, important hotfixes, and even new systems.
Even though that we had a lot of tests in the new client, the last step is a massive test with all of you.
Bugs can and will likely happen during the start of this new era, so this is why we asked for your understanding and also count on you to help us by reporting them in the Support Area.
Several projects are underway in our team, and shouldn't be long until you start following them. We will continue to work hard to improve and renew the game we love so much.

In the following, check the list of the initial changes available from today on.

- [Hotfix] Zero's mask fixed in the Plaza;
- [Hotfix] Events triggered by the Event List are no longer overlaid by it;
- [Hotfix] Fixed the issue where the skins of the pets were not shown to all players during the game;
- [Hotfix] The LevelUp effect is not shown unexpectedly anymore;
- [Hotfix] It is not possible to create or do other activities during the Tutorial;
- [Hotfix] Fixed the issue where the game crashed after finishing a dungeon to players in the Slots 5 and 6;
- [Hotfix] The VP is now updated when connecting to a channel;
- [Hotfix] Lire's third job's face in the inventory is now fixed;
- [Hotfix] The freezing during the match loading is now fixed;
- [Hotfix] The locked and unlocked characters in the Playhouse System are now shown correctly;
- [Hotfix] It is now possible to costumize any unlocked character in the Playhouse system, you can do it by putting the mouse's arrow above the character's icon and the option will be available;
- [Hotfix] The watering can is now shown in the Playhouse correctly;
- [Hotfix] The system access buttons on the world map can no longer be activated while the player is in a game room;
- [Hotfix] Projectile duplication has been fixed for the characters: Lire, Arme, Ronan, Amy, Mari and Ley;
- [Hotfix] Additional room pose models are no longer displayed on game loading or during gameplay;
- [Hotfix] Fixed issue related to death and game ending on precipitated maps;
- [Hotfix] The playhouses preview in the playhouse system has been fixed for resolutions higher than 800x600;
- [Hotfix] The game cursor is now resized correctly for higher resolutions;
- [Hotfix] The resizing was corrected in higher resolutions for the interfaces: Header, Quick Items in game and Item Information;
- [Hotfix] The high-resolution number alignment issue is now fixed;
- [Hotfix] The pagination issue during in-store search is now fixed;
- [Hotfix] Poking at players is now fixed;
[Hotfix] The spacing of static texts now scales correctly at higher resolutions;
[Hotfix] The bug that made it possible to ignore the 3-second delay of the Ready button in some cases is now fixed;
[Hotfix] The dialogue is not canceled or advanced when typing words with the letters Z and X while you're typing into the chatbox;
- Small hotfixes not documented.


[Change] Support for Windows XP Service Pack 3 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 is now over;
- [Change] Pets which are not able to evolve are not shown in the evolution book anymore;
- [Change] Deconstruction of items limited to character or common items;
- [Change] Conversion of visual/common items limited to character or common items;
- [Change] The Fast Match mode was removed from the PvP;
- [Change] Kaze'aze's Healing Ball was deactivated in the PvP;
- [Change] Items and coins obtained by other players from the bonus chests at the end of the game now have a tooltip named after them;
- [Change] Pets can no longer be moved to the warehouse.
- Small changes not documented.

- [News] The Visual Inventory's search has been implemented;
- [News] The option to select Equipment, Accessories, and Weapons added to the selection box in the Visual Inventory;
[News] Added option to choose which shader the pet will render with: the predefined shader for the pet or the shader selected in the options;
- [News] Automatic strengthening added to Necklaces Enhancement;
- [News] Automatic opening added to Scratchcard;
- [News] Automatic opening added to Gacha Pong;
- [News] Automatic opening added to Rocco's Spin to Win;
- [News] The PvP Room Filter System has been implemented;
[News] Selectable claws available for the character Dio;
[News] Option to remove Zero's mask in your mask selection window¹:
(All players who previously purchased the Zero Unmasked item had their 500 cash refunded, the item will not be removed from your account. It will no longer be sold in the shop)

[News] Option to hide the Danger effect added in the game settings;
[News] Option to customize the Cartoon mode outline added in the game settings.
- Small changes not documented.
(Note: All items have been unequipped from the inventory).

Translated by @Geiz