Patch Notes - 10th July
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Greetings, warriors!

We are still in this sad quarantine season. There was no June Party or Valentine's Day for us.  
For many people, this quarantine resulted in an increase in the amount of work and/or studies, since now everything is done inside the house. That goes for us here in History too! It is not easy.

However, not everything is so bad! After a neat period of permanence from the past update, it's time to change! Even with the end of the month, we can't let our dear Saint John and our Valentine's Day go unnoticed here! It is enough for these dates to be canceled in real life due to COVID-19, here in the Grand Chase History they will not go unnoticed! 

In addition, on 06/28 we celebrate the International LGBTQ + Pride Day. That date became considered ground zero for the rights of the beloved LGBTQ + community worldwide for the fight for equal rights for all. We decided to present here the fight for equal rights and break any type of prejudice, through a small content within this update.

Come and enjoy this month's update with us! Remember that this update is for June and it will not undo the July update!


4th PVE Balancing Project Update


In this update, were added two character that deserve to get a new power.
Mari and Veigas received some modifications, and this seems to have helped to lift the gameplay of these characters.

In the topic below, you will find all the changes made to the Balance.
Visit this topic with each update, as this is where we will put everything that has changed.

In the topic below, you will find all the changes made to the Balance. Visit this topic with each update, as this is where we will put everything that has changed.

Furthermore, as for our usual. We have a Special Balancing Commemoration that helps you a lot to level up your character!
When playing with Mari and Veigas, everyone will receive a 
bonus of 2x EXP & GP. 
This bonus is applied to the entire room and cumulative if different characters are in play, buffing the bonus.


The flags and cushions also returned. Celebrate Balancing by 10 Epic Essences of each!

sbta158395.pngsbta158253.png? 6
sbta158404.pngsbta158262.png? 6

As it is an extensive and time-consuming content, we have chosen to apply it in parts. 
In this way, several tests are performed, both by the team before application and by you later for feedback. 

And, for that, this topic was created:


Your opinion is very important, as it help us to apply possible corrections in addition to guiding the balance of the next characters.


1st PVP Balancing Project Update


In addition to the PVE Balance update, we can finally do the PVP Balance that you've been waiting for.
Our first batch goes to Elesis, Lass, and Ryan received some modifications for PVP, made them possible to use it better than before.
Visit this topic to see any information of it.

Note: For topics that have been translated into English, they are still under construction. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Like PVE Balance update, we also added a new challenges focusing on PVP matches. Complete the challenge and you will guarantee to obtain Glorious Coordi Package for each respective character and PVP Master Signboard.

And as usual, you must complete the challenge before the next update come.
Otherwise, the challenge will be removed and there are no chances to get another one.

The flags and cushions also returned. Celebrate Balancing by 10 Epic Essences of each!

sbta158386.pngsbta158244.png? 6
sbta158389.pngsbta158247.png? 6
sbta158390.pngsbta158248.png? 6


As it is an extensive and time-consuming content, we have chosen to apply it in parts. 
In this way, several tests are performed, both by the team before application and by you later for feedback. 

And, for that, this topic was created:

Your opinion is very important, as it help us to apply possible corrections in addition to guiding the balance of the next characters.


Event Dungeon: Monster Express 301


Embark with the Grand Chase on a quest to rescue Harpe, who contains his soul aboard the Monster Express 301, which is on its way to the Underworld. You need to stop the train before it reaches its destination and retrieve the information Harpe has to convey!

All Drops
Monster Card Box (All Continents)
Fortification Stone Chest
Refinery Protection Scroll
Premium Transmutation Scroll
Large Potions (HP, MP and Mysterious)
Casey Bones Pet
Refinery Scroll (+7 to +17)
Precious Pearl (All Continents)
Precious Chest
Reinforcement Release Scroll
Choco'brick Bar
Socket Gem
Attendant's Armor Chest Coupon
Attendant's Accessory Chest Coupon
Attendant's Armor Chest (Level 30, 50 and 70)
Attendant's Accessory Chest (Level 30, 50 and 70)


PVP Mode: Siege of Heroes


After so long, Siege of Heroes mode is back to rock the PvP server!
The objective of this mode is to be the first to destroy the opponent's Towers and Control Unit.

Two teams will be separated on the map, Serdin on the left and Kanavan on the right. Both will start in a safe area of their respective regions where they can heal quickly during battle. A store will be located in the safe area of your team, offering a variety of items to help you. The mode is balanced.

By playing this mode, you will be able to earn the following titles according to your number of points accumulated:

Bronze Insignia
Silver Insignia
Gold Insignia

Master Insignia

Grand Master Insignia

Attack: 165 Attack: 165 Attack: 165 Attack: 165 Attack: 165
Defense: 250 Defense: 250 Defense: 250 Defense: 250 Defense: 250
Vitality: 250 Vitality: 250 Vitality: 250 Vitality: 250 Vitality: 250
  Vitality: +20% Vitality: +20% Vitality: +20% Vitality: +20%
    Attack: +15% DMG: +15% DMG: +15%
      Crit: +1.5% Crit: +1.5%
        Counter MP Reduction

Status may vary and increase according to character level.

When winning matches in Siege of Heroes mode, you will receive an item called Mark of Victory. Use this item to create items from the War of Bermesiah, and you can create Serdin Signboard and Kanavan Signboard! Which side of the battle are you on?



Rainbow 7


Rainbow 7 comes again in History. It's a perfect chance for you!
Check out the buffs of this event. Make sure you set already the schedule!

Day 1 Enter Champion Mode without consuming any Champion Mode Tickets
Day 2 100% Bonus GP for Dungeon Runs and PVP and PVP Matches
Day 3 100% Bonus EXP for PVP Matches
Day 4 50% Elemental Necklace Upgrading Rate and use ½ of Gem
Day 5 100% Bonus EXP for Dungeon Runs
Day 6 100% reinforce success rate for Reinforce Stone
Day 7 100% Bonus Dungeon Drop Rate

The buffs will repeated following next week.


Adventurer GC Event

Adventurer GC Event mini game returns to History with our beloved Gwen as the final prize!
The player has to collect several items from the bosses in Champion Mode Dungeons, in order to fulfill the list of requirements.

On completion of each continent, the player can claim a reward;
if the player fulfill the requirements of all the continents, then he/she can claim the final reward. The items have a 100% chance to drop.
The player does not need to fill the list in order: he/she can fulfill the requirement in what order he/she pleases.

By completing all collections in every continents, you are guaranteed to get a pet, Gwen that was created by a talented artist Wanderyen as a final reward and additional special attacks, Contact Break. By completing a continent's prize collection, you'll receive loads of his secondary attack.


Contact Break amount list of each continents:

Bermesiah 20 units
Silver Land 30 units
Ellia 40 units
Xenia 50 units
Archimedia 100 units
Alcubra 100 units

You have her already? Do not worry! You can exchange your duplicate for 200 loads of Contact Break in the Forge!


Super Fantastic Gift Box

The Super Fantastic Gift Box returns to Grand Chase History!
You can get Puzzle pieces by defeating hooligans scattered throughout the missions, buying Party Packs from the store or trying your luck with your GachaPon coins on the GP machine!
You can exchange individual pieces for the following prizes:

sbta5871.png? 6
HP Potion (XL) (2)
sbta5874.png? 6
MP Potion (XL) (2)
sbta11415.png? 6
Mysterious Potion (L) (2)
sbta8205.png? 6
Champion Ticket
sbta1250.png? 6
Double Crystal Card

sbta7144.png? 6
Bonus Recharge (2)
sbta9960.png? 6
Skill Tree Key
Blacksmith's Protection (1 day)
sbta35998.png? 6
Fusion Coupon

By choosing to exchange all parts simultaneously, you have the chance to receive one of the following items:

sbta98833.png? 6
Random Gacha
Dungeon Pet Box A
sbta98834.png? 6
Random Gacha
Dungeon Pet Box B
sbta32929.png? 6
Boss Pet Scroll Box
sbta77969.png? 6
Extreme Skill Key
sbta52549.png? 6
Weapon Change Key
Premium Transmute Scroll
sbta9958.png? 6
SP Return Card
sbta3888.png? 6
Nutrients IV (14 days)
sbta152230.png? 6
GC Club (5 days)
sbta8205.png? 6
Champion Ticket (3)
sbta36715.png? 6
HP Potion 100% (5)
sbta36716.png? 6
Hero's Potion (5)
sbta35998.png? 6
Fusion Coupon (5)
Cupid Pet Card
MingMing Pet Card
Tian Long Pet Card



Mari's Laboratory of Danger


All of the research Mari conducts is done in her secret lab. This time, you'll have the opportunity to help her with her research on the Blitzchen pets! Here, you can create the "Shadow Blitzchen" pets and the "King Blitzchen" pets.

To use the lab, you will need to buy  "Blitzchen Egg Cards" at the store for 15 CASH. Opening them will give you little colored Blitzchens (or, if you're lucky, "Shadow Blitz", which is capable of retrieving AP and MP!), Which can be collected or saved for your collection. By using 4 Blitzchens of any color, you have the chance to get one of the prizes below:

   Possible Drops in Mari's Labatory of Danger   
Blitzchen Coordi Set Box
Blitzchen Coordi Accessories Box
King Blitz
Shadow Blitzchen
[SKIN]Rexion Skeleton
[SKIN]Frixion Skeleton

Pet Blitz King Card Shard

Pet Nickname Change
Super Nutrients
Boss Pet Creation Manual Box
Character Slot

Even if you can't get the adult mascots through the lab, just accumulate 10 Card Pieces to create "King Blitzchen" and 20 Card Pieces for "Shadow Blitzchen" through the Forge System ~


Frixion and Rexion Skeleton Skins. You must have the pets in order to use them.


Preview Blitzchen Set for Edel and Veigas, respectively. 



Kounat Magic Box


The last events of Ernas have moved the Relics of Kounat a lot, so the Magic Box arrives for you to enjoy it to the maximum and receive several prizes!
The Magic Box is available on the events tab.

In it, you will find a variety of items, which you can purchase by Ancient Magical Stones/Kounat's Magical Stone. You only have to choose which of the stones you will use and spend them one by one until you reach the total equivalent to the chosen item!

Magic Stone
Magic Stone

 The tip we give you is: if you use the Kounat's Magic Stones, there is a chance to receive your prize before even spending the full amount of stones needed! 

How to get:

Mari Magic Stones





It seems that some troublemakers have invaded Ernas... Can you help us? I heard that they are leaving some items that are used to build some really cool things, besides serving for some events!

Hooligans are little monsters that can be found in several places in Ernas. When defeated, they will leave some special items on the ground, which serve different systems.

The hooligans will be dropping the following items listed below!

sbta3387.png? 6
Suspicious Pretzel

sbta130572.png? 6

sbta13415.png? 6
sbta30193.png? 6

You can find them on all dungeon from Orc Temple.
Dimensional Gate is not worth it, see? They appear more on Champion dungeon, but they usually show up to tour Normal dungeon as well.


VIP Hybrid Rewards


After 4 years, the Hybrid VIP System has returned to bring a classic much requested by the community!
Elysios Coordi Pack returns (with a beautiful rework on their helmets!) to History along with several awards to help our warriors on their journey!


Preview Elysion Coordi Package for Elesis and Jin, respectively. 

The VIP System traditionally works with the expenditure of CASH within the game. The more CASH you spend, the more CASH you spend. Prizes can be redeemed when you reach the required amount for each section. Remember that the redemption is automatic.
In this edition, the VIP will also be adding VP expenses.

Check below the prize table according to cash spending:

1,000 to 2,999 Champion Ticket (10 Units)
Hero Dungeon Ticket (10 Units)
Event-Dungeon Ticket Event (10 Units)
Choco'brick Bar (20 Units)
Gacha Pon Coin [CASH] (5 Units)
3,000 to 4,999 Queen's Jewels (7 days)
Mystic Lamp (7 days)
SP All Reset Card (2 Units)
Choco'brick Bar (40 Units)

Selectable Chest of Elysios Coordi Package (1 Units)
5,000 to 8,999 +50 Coordi Bag (1 Units)
Premium Reinforcement Protection Scroll (5 Units)
Choco'brick Bar (60 Units)
Character Slot (1 Units)

Selectable Chest of Elysios Coordi Package (1 Units)
9,000 to 11,999 Sealed Bead Scrolls (20 Units)
SB Gacha Fortune Ticket (15 Units)
Epic Renforcement Stone Box (10 Units)
Random Chest of Ancient Wings (10 Units)

Selectable Chest of Elysios Coordi Package (2 Units)
12,000 or more Surprise Necklaces Chest (10 Units)
Grade 17 Refinery Scroll (3 Units)
Epic Random Glyph Chest (3 Units)
GP Random Prop Reset Form (10 Units)

Selectable Chest of Elysios Coordi Package (16 Units)

Inside the event window you can find out about the duration of the event. Pay attention to this, as the team will not support you due to lack of attention to the duration of the event. We make no exceptions.

Watch out for Visual Transformations! To avoid the risk of losing the effect of your items, see the following topic:


Lucky Gacha Fortune 


Lucky Gacha Fortune returns with a delicious aroma in the air! Are we going to visit the local cafeteria?


Ehm .. I hope your order comes out faster! Dress your characters with the Barista Pack and show who's boss in the world of beverage making~


The Prize Card works like a scratch card: when you get 3 equal images, you will receive the prize that appeared. It is a luck-based event and can be compared to a real-life lottery. If you cannot get 3 of the same images, you will receive a small compensation prize, which can be used to build some items in the Forge.

To participate in the event, you must have Reward Card Accounts in your inventory. With this, just scratch the card with the mouse or click on Skip to scratch automatically.

By equipping the Barista Visual Shield item with legendary properties , you will enable a new pose in the room! Are you going for a coffee? Show other players who makes the best coffee in Aernas! A counter with all the utensils to prepare the best coffee of all will appear in the room while your character prepares a delicious drink, but don't forget to offer at least one tasting for everyone, OK?


You can use this pose with any look, just have the shield equipped!
Warning: Turning shield into another visual will cause it to lose its unique effect.

Watch out for Visual Transformations! To avoid the risk of losing the effect of your items, see the following topic:


Gacha Pon


This month's Gacha Pon returns with themed classics and a new package in the oriental way that we like!

Gacha Pon works like the famous Gacha machines, where you spend 1 coin and receive a random prize. Here, you can play on the machine that has the prize you want and try your luck! Unlike the Lucky Gacha Fortune, you will always receive some reward when participating, even if you do not get the main prize. 

To start the event, you must have in your inventory the GachaBall Coin corresponding to the machine you are going to use (CASH or GP) and click on the lever to rotate it.

Fire Guardian Coordi Package for Ley and Uno, respectively.

Sakura Coordi Package for Sieghart and Mari, respectively.

Chocolate Lovers Coordi Package for Edel and Veigas, respectively.


Amyzilla Coordi Package for Elesis and Ryan, respectively.

Bear Coordi Package for Ronan and Black Bear for Lire, respectively.

Tiger Coordi Package for Arme and White Tiger for Lass, respectively.

Pet Customization Chest Skins 2. It is necessary to have the respective pet to use them.


Super Seal Breaker System Pack


Our Super Seal Breaker System receives some classic favorites from the community and a novelty!
We consult with members of our Discord group to find out what Seal Breaker Systems they miss. After several suggestions, we made a selection and, as compensation for the delay in the update, we are bringing 1 Seal Breaker System more than usual for Equipment and Coordi!

The Super Rewards System works with the use of Opening Scrolls and Sealed Bills. You can decide between opening an Equipment Reward System between levels 30 to 80 or a Visual Reward System without level restriction. It is a luck-based system, however, with no chance of acquiring repeated items.

Choose the desired Rewards System and level (if any) and click on the button to open equipment / accessories. You will be able to select the desired class weapon (for characters with more than 1 class) after opening all the equipment and rescuing it. The Mascot will be able to rescue you when you open all the equipment and accessories.

Remember to check that the correct weapon is selected!

Keter Dark Nightmare!
Abingdon DK-Mark 3
Rexion Sirius





Prepare your CASH and VP savings and come and take a shopping spree here in History!

Misc Packages


sbta185173.png? 6
Luna Coordi

1000 CASH

sbta175336.png? 6
Chocolate Coordi

1000 CASH

sbta92254.png? 6
Wedding Coordi

1000 CASH

sbta175243.png? 6
Candy Coordi

850 CASH

sbta175296.png? 6
Caipira Coordi

850 CASH

sbta175316.png? 6
Country Wedding
Coordi Package

850 CASH

sbta185131.png? 6
Pepero Coordi

350 CASH

sbta175294.png? 6
Chocolate Weapon

500 CASH

sbta175193.png? 6

100 CASH

sbta175215.png? 6
Coordi Wings

650 CASH

sbta28350.png? 6
Coordi Rings

100 CASH

sbta95013.png? 6
Cancer Anklet

350 CASH

sbta141859.png? 6
Unicorn Necklace

400 CASH

sbta142049.png? 6
Unicorn Anklet

400 CASH

Packages available for the balancing event:


Pepero Helmet for Uno and Holy, respectively.

Chocolate Package for Ronan and Elesis, respectively.

Candy Pack for Zero and Rin, respectively.

Luna Package for Elesis and Lass, respectively.


Wedding Package for Rufus and Lime, respectively.

Country Pack for Arme and Lass, respectively.

Country Wedding Pack for Mari and Sieghart, respectively.


Hero Bullion Shop


We know that you have a large amount of Hero Bullions in your inventory.
 Come and do some shopping in our store specially made for our dear heroes!

Hero Bullions can be acquired in Hero Dungeons and in some Event Dungeons (check the drop list in every Update Note).

sbta15000.png? 6
Coordi Weapons

400 Hero Bullions

sbta121306.png? 6
Mini Kitten
(4 options)

80 Hero Bullions

sbta85066.png? 6
Rita Pet Card

300 Hero Bullions

sbta148935.png? 6
Edna Jr. Pet Card

300 Hero Bullions


Forge System

The forge received some different contents to move the drops of its inventory!

sbta2304.png? 6
(Avito) Romeo's Ring (Common)

50 Sweet Biscuit

sbta2305.png? 6
(Avito) Juliet's Ring (Common)

50 Sweet Biscuit

sbta16372.png? 6
(Avito) Valentine's Day Love Wings (Common)

80 Sweet Biscuit

sbta7850.png? 6
Cupid's Egg


70 Sweet Cookie

sbta184941.png? 6
Chocolate Coordi Headband (Individual)

20 Suspicious Pretzel Stick

sbta184961.png? 6
Chocolate Coordi Ribbon (Individual)

20 Suspicious Pretzel Stick

sbta184981.png? 6

Chocolate Coordi Shield

20 Suspicious Pretzel Stick

sbta185001.png? 6
Candy Coordi Backpack (Individual)

20 Suspicious Pretzel Stick

sbta184901.png? 6
Pepero Coordi Wing

60 Suspicious Pretzel Stick

Pepero Coordi Signboard (Common)

40 Suspicious Pretzel Stick

sbta185047.png? 6
Rainbow Coordi Signboard

30 Rainbow Adornment

sbta185007.png? 6
Rainbow Potion


20 Rainbow Adornment

sbta109256.png? 6
Siege of Heroes Winner's Flag (Common)

10 Mark of Victory


Victory Flag

10 Mark of Victory

Serdin's Coordi Signboard

30 Mark of Victory


Kanavan's Coordi Signboard

30 Mark of Victory

Attention : The Ring of Romeo and Ring of Juliet together will reward your XP twice! Remember that the Ring is temporary.

A new package for PvP players has also arrived! Redeem the classic Treasure Hunter Coordi Package  for 50 Victory Coins each piece !

Treasure Hunter Coordi Pack for Edel and Rufus, respectively.


Misc Content

The following characters have improved their facial and class pack textures:



Gwen had her texture and model improved and received an increase in her damage.