Patch Notes - 03/24/2020
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Greetings, warriors of Aernas!
It's been a while since we had our last update, and as usual, this topic has the importance and the duty to update you from every little bit of our March 24th update, which includes everything from beautiful and new coordi packages, a second update of our character balancing (PvE), alongside with Nightmare Circus, and some of our important heath messages¹. Pick up your luggage and enjoy the update notes!


2nd Balancing Project Update

As promised last time, this update will also bring news to our Balancing Project (PvE). Rufus , Edel and Ryan received some modifications, and this seems to have helped to lift the gameplay of these characters.

In the topic below, you will find all the changes made to the Balance. Visit this topic with each update, as this is where we will put everything that has changed.

To commemorate and honor their new strength, everyone received the Chest of Ascension by mail for Ryan, Rufus and Edel. The Ascension Chest is an aid packs to giving several items that help in your journey with additional prize for those who already have level 90. Hurry to raise these three characters to obtain Legendary Signboard and Shadow Coordi Package. Make sure you open all the chests, because if you didn't, all chests that are not opened will be deleted from the accounts.

Furthermore, as for our usual. We have a Special Balancing Commemoration that helps you a lot to level up your character!
When playing with Ryan, Rufus and Edel, everyone will receive a bonus of 2x EXP & GP. This bonus is applied to the entire room and cumulative if different characters are in play, buffing the bonus.



The flags and cushions also returned. Celebrate Balancing by 10 Epic Essences of each!

sbta158390.png sbta158248.png? 6
sbta158399.png sbta158257.png? 6
sbta158403.png sbta158261.png? 6

As it is an extensive and time-consuming content, we have chosen to apply it in parts. In this way, several tests are performed, both by the team before application and by you later for feedback. And, for that, this topic was created:

Your opinion is very important, as it helps us to apply possible corrections in addition to guiding the balance of the next characters.


Nightmare Circus

In the middle of the month, Aernas' most chilling show returns to History!

It shows a part of Lass's past, where it is revealed that he was part of a circus that belonged to the demonic forces. However, it seems that Lass turned away from the Nightmare Circus for an unknown reason. The dungeon requires a Nightmare Circus Ticket to enter. If a player does not have any Tickets upon completion of the dungeon, they will automatically be kicked out of the room.

After completion of the first and second rooms, a random buff, including buffs to attack, defense, vitality, critical chance and more.

All Drops
Monster Card Box (All Continents)
Circus Trunk of Armor (Level 30, 50 & 70)
Circus Trunk of Accessories (Level 30, 50 & 70)
Precious Chest
Circus Trunk of Armor Coupon
Circus Trunk of Accessories Coupon
Grade Refinery Scroll (+7 to +15)
GP Random Prop Reset Form
Transparent Accessories Chest (7 days)
Transmutation Scroll
Premium Transmutation Scroll
Socket Gem


Hungry Pets' Revolt

Here comes, Pets Revolt returned once again in History. 
Purrthos, a mysterious swashbuckling feline, is leading the hungry pets of Grand Chase in a revolt against the masters who have been depriving them of delicious noms. The time to strike is now and as the Queen of Serdin hosts her birthday banquet, the pets make their move to steal all the food.

It's up to the members of the Grand Chase to fend off the attack and save the banquet.

sbta22474.png? 6

"Steal…steall all this food?! Unforgiveable!" - Arme


Rainbow 7


Rainbow 7 comes again in History. It's a perfect chance for you!
Check out the buffs of this event. Make sure you set already the schedule!

Day 1 Enter Champion Mode without consuming any Champion Mode Tickets
Day 2 100% Bonus GP for Dungeon Runs and PVP and PVP Matches
Day 3 100% Bonus EXP for PVP Matches
Day 4 50% Elemental Necklace Upgrading Rate and use ½ of Gem
Day 5 100% Bonus EXP for Dungeon Runs
Day 6 100% reinforce success rate for Reinforce Stone
Day 7 100% Bonus Dungeon Drop Rate


Adventurer GC Event

While enjoying our two event dungeons, Adventurer GC Event mini game returns to History with our beloved Grandiel Jr. as the final prize! The player has to collect several items from the bosses in Champion Mode Dungeons, in order to fulfill the list of requirements. On completion of each continent, the player can claim a reward; if the player fulfill the requirements of all the continents, then he/she can claim the final reward. The items have a 100% chance to drop. The player does not need to fill the list in order: he/she can fulfill the requirement in what order he/she pleases.

By completing all collections in every continents, you are guaranteed to get our exclusive pet in History server, Kaxias Grandiel Jr. as a final reward and additional special attacks, Arcane Ray. By completing a continent's prize collection, you'll receive loads of his secondary attack.

Preview Pet Model of Grandiel Jr.

Arcane Ray amount list of each continents:

Bermesiah 20 units
Silver Land 30 units
Ellia 40 units
Xenia 50 units
Archimedia 100 units
Alcubra 100 units

You have him already? Do not worry! You can exchange your duplicate for 200 loads of Arcane Lightning in the Forge!


VIP System (Extended)

As for the VIP, only this time that we're extending our latest VIP to receive Patriach & Matriach of Penumbra coordi packages.
So it's a great opportunity for everyone that haven't yet to get this exclusive coordi packages, until 10th April. 




Return back to our usual update GachaPon with a new retro-styled outfit alongside other outfits that relates with our messages. A brand new exclusive outfits from event story of Nightmare Circus Zidler & Oretina Coordi Packages, and returned outfits Doctor & Nurse Coordi Packages.


Preview Packages of Zidler & Oretina for Uno and Lime.


Preview Packages of Doctor & Nurse for Ley and Zero.


Lucky Gacha Fortune

"Lock and load." "Green light! Go! Go! Go!" "Weapons free." "Hallway clear."

In this update, we're bring a new tactical themed outfits respectively for ladies and gentlemen.
Get these coordi packages and strike them!


Preview Packages of White and Black SWAT for Rufus, Edel, Ley, and Jin.


Preview Skins of SWAT for Mary Jane.

When you equip Legendary status SWAT Coordi Mask, you will receive a special motion in the room.
ATTENTION: Careful to fuse this mask into another visual. Doing a failure step will cause the unique effect lost.


Preview Room Motion of SWAT Coordi Pack.


SB Gacha Super Encore Event

As our usual content update, we do a rotation for Seal Breaker Gacha.
Check all the stuffs for current rotation below!


pcNsAM1.png KwqOM3E.png dqDI1bK.png
Super Sleuth Celestial Guard Liones


5gH3L6H.png RmOjBZH.png 3WWZ9Gh.png
Cordelia Helper Bot Soul Extortion



Grand Chase Gift Shop

Alongside with Hungry Pets' Revolt event, we also give you an event Grand Chase Surprise Gift.
Share your happiness by sending a gift to your friends.
Doing so will raise the gauge on the right, and rewards may be claimed as the gauge raises over gifting.
Once claimed the final prize, the gauge reset and you get another chance to claim more.

So, whaddaya' waiting for?! Collect those coins, send more gifts, and claim these reward!

Pet Nurse Tammy Card
Pet Madeleine Card
Character Slot Ticket
250 FtQ4i0b.png 250 FtQ4i0b.png 300 FtQ4i0b.png
Extreme Skill Key
GP Random
Prop Reset Form
Reinforcement Release Scroll
200 FtQ4i0b.png 450 FtQ4i0b.png 250 FtQ4i0b.png
Premium GC Club
(1 day)
Surprise Necklace
Ancient Wings
Random Box
200 FtQ4i0b.png 250 FtQ4i0b.png 250 FtQ4i0b.png
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Stage 7
Premium Card
Package x5
Bag +30
Random Pet
Box B
Random Pet
Box A
Purrthos' Anklet
Grade 17
Refinery Scroll
GP Prop
Reset Form


Cash Shop

The store received special items for those chosen from the current balance, in addition to bringing some old items back and the sign of the month anklet!

sbta89769.png? 6
Aries Anklet

350 CASH

sbta171919.png? 6
Transparent Weapon Coordi
Selection Chest

800 CASH

sbta166312.png? 6
Perfect Wings
Selection Chest

700 CASH


sbta154275.png? 6
Elite Agent
Coordi Package

330 CASH


sbta154294.png? 6
Agent Coordi

330 CASH


Misc. Packages


sbta79159.png? 6
Red Black
Dragon Necklace

400 CASH

sbta80234.png? 6
Blue Black
Dragon Necklace

460 CASH




Agent and Elite Agent Coordi Package.


Preview Package of Kirgis and Kulan for Ryan.

Items available for this month's balanced characters:



  • Druid Coordi Pack
  • New Druid Coordi Pack
  • White Druid Coordi Pack
  • Shadow Druid Coordi Pack
  • New Sentinal Coordi Pack
  • New Executor Coordi Pack
  • Kirgis Coordi Pack
  • Kulan Coordi Pack
  • Justice Bounty Hunter Coordi Pack
  • Bloody Hunter Coordi Pack
  • Dark Blue Bounty Hunter Coordi Pack
  • Bounty Hunter Coordi Pack
  • Relic Hunter Coordi Pack
  • Neo Bounty Hunter Coordi Pack
  • Golden Eyeteeth Coordi Weapon
  • Edel Awakening Coordi Pack
  • Captain of the Roses Coordi Pack
  • Major Limited Edition Coordi Pack
  • Major Coordi Pack
  • Captain's Coordi Pack
  • Red Moon Captain's Coordi Pack





Finally, PvP currency items have been rotated! A special signboards for dungeon lovers has also returned!

sbta110947.png? 6


Black Champion
Armor (Parts, Individual)

50 Victory Coin



sbta178004.png? 6


GC Warlord

350 Victory Coin



sbta1747.png? 6


Kaze'aze's Healing

100 Victory Coin



sbta178003.png? 6


Dungeon Master

800 Gate Ore
500 Dimensional Gate Crystal
20 Concentrated Magic Crystal
10 Grandiel's Demon Core
300 Iron Dragon Scale


Miscellaneous Update


  • There are some slight changes for Lass and Ley balance. Further details are available on Character Balancing topic.
  • A signature text "MAGNUMAAA" when activating "Triple Slash/Vertical Slash" on Elesis' Skill Tree has been removed.


The following characters had their facial textures and some class packs improved:




The following pets have had their textures improved.






  • Model and texture correction of Shinobi Coordi Package for several characters;
  • Model and texture correction of Hello Kitty Coordi Package for several characters;
  • Model and texture correction of Witch Coordi Package for several characters;
  • Model and texture correction of Devil Coordi Package for several characters;
  • Model correction of Mist Upper Armor for several males;
  • Texture correction of Task Force Helmet for several characters;
  • Model correction of Starlet's Training Chu-Chu Bag for Amy;
  • Model correction of Fighter's Helmet for Jin;
  • Model correction of Black Fighter's Helmet for Jin;
  • Model correction of Shisa's Helmet for Jin;
  • Model correction of Crimson Shisa's Helmet for Jin;
  • Model correction of Asura's Helmet for Jin;
  • Model correction of Nirvana Helmet for Jin;
  • Texture correction of Dark Striker's Helmet for Lass;
  • Model and texture correction of Mystic Advancer's Helmet for Zero;
  • Model correction of Ebon Inferno's Upper Armor for Ronan;
  • Model and texture correction of Freyja's Kleiophone for Amy;
  • Model and texture correction of Freyja's Chu-Chu Bag for Amy;



The following message is exclusive to our Grand Chase History team and represents the speech of all of us.

¹: Greetings warriors, here I represent the speech of the entire Grand Chase History Team. We don't know if it was exactly obvious, but we put content on health on purpose, and the reason is quite simple: the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We have inserted this content in order to encourage you in this fight against the pandemic; it is not because we have already survived the great pandemics that we can neglect the current one, after all, the problem is extremely serious. We on the team are also, in a way, like you who are reading this text now, as susceptible to diseases as you are. We are watching, as well as everyone else, the development of this crisis, taking care and protecting ourselves, to protect both ourselves and our loved ones; we know how powerful the virus is and how fatal it can be, so we leave our appeal to you all: do not neglect COVID-19. Be prudent, be conscious, be human. If you have the symptoms presented by the contamination of COVID-19, do not maintain direct contact (physical, but not limited to this) with other people and seek a health clinic as soon as possible, do not wait until later. If you are in the so-called target audience for the virus, preferably stay at home and preserve yourself, take simple hygiene measures, but they can cause a big difference in the spread of the virus. It's time to help each other, to empathize, to be supportive. Follow the instructions of your city hall and / or your state government and your local health instructions to the letter. Search, get informed, search for information, this is our most precious asset. Try to keep up to date through reliable sources. Don't be a statistic anymore, let's be strong, we still have a lot of history to live and tell. The History Team supports you all.

With most sincere regards,