Patch Notes - 08/29/18
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? Yaaaaay! It's our anniversary month ! ?

August, even though it is the longest and most annoying month for many, is the month that some players and of course, the people here on the team, most awaited: the server's 3rd anniversary ! Time goes by fast ~~

We've been on the road for three years now living this whole struggle in Ernas with a lot of emotion and nostalgia, living day by day and using all our love, affection and willpower to keep our beloved Grand Chase alive and enjoy it complete. We fight to show that there is a lot of ground ahead to keep our beloved game alive for a long time! 

To celebrate this wonderful month, we have prepared a great birthday update filled with content for you! Call your friends, your family, and your pets (siblings are not one, okay?)... And come celebrate more this year with us!
Grab a slice of cake over there at the Plaza and get ready for the Patch Update Notes for this month!

~ What's In ~

Nightmare Circus


Ernas' most chilling spectacle returns to History. Come along with the Grand Chase Warriors to experience and explore this terrifying adventure and earn the rewards of Nightmares Circus !



~ Monster Train 301, Hades Express ~

Embark with Grand Chase on a mission to try to rescue Harpe, who holds her soul aboard the Hades Express 301, which is on its way to the Underworld. You need to stop the train before it reaches its destination and retrieve the information that Harpe has to transmit!



~ Angry Boss ~


Are you ready to face this new challenge again? The Angry Bosses returns to History, causing the Grand Chase to go through various obstacles again to prove its worth and effort. Join your friends to fight bosses and get the best rewards for hard work!



~ The Extermination of Uria ~


After a long time, Uno and Glimmers of Uria return to the world of Grand Chase with an immense thirst for blood ready to take revenge on those who underestimated them. They will use all their evil power of destruction to cause chaos and destruction in Uria.


Check below the tables of possible rewards and their respective difficulties:

Ernasis's Ring
(Level 1)

Lisnar's Ring
(Level 1)

Armenian's Ring 
(Level 1)

Ring of Agnesia's 
(Level 1)

Attack: 300
Defense: 150 
HP: 150 
Minimum Level: 30

Attack: 150 
Defense: 150 
HP: 300
Minimum level: 30

Attack: 150 
Defense: 300
HP: 150 
Minimum Level: 30

Attack: 200 
Defense: 200 
HP: 200

Minimum Level: 30

Ernasis's Ring
(Level 2)

GaXUKMf.pngLisnar's Ring 
(Level 2)

Armenian's Ring 
(Level 2)

4Vj4L9c.pngRing of Agnesia's 
(Level 2)

Attack: 450
Defense: 200 
HP: 200 
Minimum Level: 60

Attack: 200 
Defense: 200 
HP: 450
Minimum Level: 60

Attack: 200 
Defense: 450
HP: 200 
Minimum Level: 60

Attack: 330 
Defense: 330 
HP: 330

Minimum level: 60

Ernasis Ring
(Level 3)

qsdpt4O.pngLisnar Ring 
(Level 3)

Armenian Ring 
(Level 3)

tw0uppK.pngRing of Agnecia 
(Level 3)

Attack: 600
Defense: 350 
HP: 350
Minimum Level: 80

Attack: 350
Defense: 350 
HP: 600
Minimum Level: 80

Attack: 350
Defense: 600
HP: 350
Minimum Level: 80

Attack: 420
Defense: 420 
HP: 420

Minimum level: 80


Creating the Rings

Ring Level 2 (Ring Level 1 + 50 Blood Drops + 500000 GP)

Ring Level 3 (Ring Level 2 + 100 Drops of Blood + 1000000 GP)




Upon entering the server for the first time, the player can choose to either evolve a character directly to level 80 or collect a rewards package.

If the player chooses to evolve a character directly, he / she will receive, in addition to level 85, all pieces of Armor, Accessories and Weapon of Ernasis (Rare or Epic, equal to 80, with quality and random properties). a Surprise Necklace Chest and a Dimensional Gate Anklet +9 for the selected character.

If the player chooses not to evolve a character, he / she may draw a reward consisting of: 100 Epic Coins, 50 Vulcanus Demonic Cores, 50 Nemophile Demonic Cores, 50 Grandiel Demonic Cores, 1 GP Selectable Property Parchment, 1 Chest Epic Stone, 7 Days of Queens Jewel , 7 Days of GC Club and 20 Dust of the Goddess of Love.


EXP + GP Bonus


A bonus is always good, right? Who doesn't like a little extra boost! Celebrate our anniversary with us with a 3x EXP / GP bonus!



~ Gift Shop (Update) ~



Take advantage of the continuation of the Mascot Rebellion, the Gift Shop has had its list of prizes updated for you to continue helping Grand Chase protect the hungry pets' supper!



~ Award Winning Cards ~


Many must remember that old art of the white Lilith, which never gave a minimum sign of existence in all those years in the world of Ernas. Was she just a legend? I think not...

Scratch Tickets returns to History with the unprecedented White Angel Package, plus the unseen mascots Selena and Emera!
You can purchase parts of the package or even the complete set ! You still have a chance to get the mascot in its initial form or even its evolution!

Get your scratch cards and good luck!

~ Preview ~

White Angel Set



~ Gacha Pon ~


The Gacha Pon System recently showed up a few days ago here in History. Now your list of prizes is updated with unpublished packages!

There are 4 machines, each with one of the following packages: Isolet Package, Lothos Package, Elscud Package and Harpe Package.
Remember that the first two are exclusively female and the last two exclusively male ~~

Grab your coins and good luck!

~ Preview ~

Lothos and Isolet Package Set


Elscud and Harpe Package Set



~ VIP ~


The VIP System returns to the server with tempting rewards! With an update these will not even work to conquer everything the VIP has to offer ~~
Recharge and use your Cash to purchase the complete Visual Task Package, plus several other prizes!

Check out the VIP rewards table below:


~ Preview ~

Task Force Package Set





~ Seal Breaker Prizes ~


The Super Rewards System has had its packages updated!
A few days ago we ran a poll on the forum to find out about the community's Favorite Rewards Systems. From now on, we'll be taking this topic into consideration to choose the next packages to go into future rotations!

Check out the packages that came with this update:


Claudia Set


Nekobot Set 


Sherlock Set


Chester Set


Cerberus Set


Kiara Set



Frixion Set


Sirius Set




Raven Set


Leviathan Set


Aslan Set



~ Daily Stamp ~


The Daily Stamp returns to the server with some useful items for beginners!

Join the game for just a week and redeem the following prizes on their respective days:

sbta4241.png?6Queens Jewel (5 Days)

sbta11173.png?6Mystical Lamp (5 Days)

sbta44529.png?6Surprise Chest - Silver

sbta32798.png?6Surprise Necklace Chest

sbta8205.png?6Champion Ticket

H5Txjrz.pngBlacksmith's Protection (7 days)

sbta121396.png?6Character Slot Ticket


~ Forging ~


Check out the new items that enter the Forging System this month!




~ Shop ~


The Cash Store, Points Store and Heroic Store have received new items in their respective store windows!

In fact, the Cash Shop is full of new and unpublished items! Grab your buck and slip into the new packages that went into the store!



Want to know the complete list of packages that have entered the store? Well, lets take a look:


Elite Knight Savior Visual Package

Visual Elite Knight Pack

Golden Swordsman Package

Faded Swordsman Package

Black justice package

Illustre Justiceira's package

Black Knight Pack

Elesis Awakening Package

Black Savior Pack

Black Sword Pack

Archer Green Package

Elite Archer Ranger Visual Pack

Visual Elite Nova Bundle

Elf Frost Package

Elite Battle Mage Visual Package

Visual Battle Mage Pack

Dark Magician Package

Love Battle Mage Package

Violet Battle MagePackage

Rose Mage Package

Black Battle Mage Package

Ninja Pack

New Avenger Package

Shadow Avenger Pack

Assassin Pack of Darkness

Black Ninja Pack

Druid Package

White Druid Package

Shadow Druid Pack

New Sentinel Package

Elite Arcane Pack

Dark Arcanum Package

Spellknight Renewal Package

Spellknight  Accessory Pack

Black Archangel Pack

White Spellknight Package

Shattered Visual Package

Legally Blonde Package

Novel Actress Visual Package

Calliope Visual Package

Violet Diva Package

Black Pack of the Supertar

Witch Hunter Pack

Blue Dancer Package

Dark Dancer Package

White Fighter Visual Pack

Visual Speed Master Pack

Illuminated White Package

Nirvana Package

Avatar Pack Shiny

General's White Package

Avatar Red Visual Package

Avatar Blue Package

Immortal Gladiator's Kit

La Geas Absolute Package

Scarlet Visual Package of the Mechanical Designer

Visual Package of the Mechanical Designer

La Geas Black Package

Polaris Black Package

La Geas Obscure Visual Package

Black Mechanical Designer Package

Runecaster Black Package

Black Gunslinger Package

La Geas Visual Kit

Pack of the Furious Leviathan

Drakar Limited Visual Package

Prince Leviathan Package

Asperger's Package

Asmodeus Visual Kit

Visual Kit of the Prince of Darkness

Profane Limited Visual Package

Demonic Visual Pack of Dio

Bloody Profane Pack

Drakar Scarlet Package

Shadow Insurgent Package

Limited Wanderer Visual Package

Visual Zero Awakening Package

Visual Limited Pilgrim Package

Insurgent Kit

Mystic Kit of the Insurgent

Wanderer's Kit

Red Pilgrim Package

White Wanderer Pack

Silent Insurgent's Visual Accessories

Pilgrim's Visual Accessories

Edna Visual Package

Gothic Princess Visual Package

Scarlet Princess Visual Package

Encantrix Black Visual Package

Visual Witch Pack of Darkness

Dark Matriach of Darkness Pack

Elyos Princess Package

Black Package of the Princess of Elyos

Elyos Princess Red Pack

Encantrix Red Pack

Infernal Summoner Pack

Princess Emerald Package

Dark Empress Accessory Kit

Elyos Princess Accessory Kit

Experienced Reward Hunter Package

Bloodthirsty Hunter Pack

Dark Blue Bounty Hunter Package

Reward Hunter Package

Relic Hunter Pack

New Reward Hunter Package

Lin's Awakening Visual Pack

Awakened Black Kit

Corrupted Awakened Pack

Awakened Darkness Pack

Awakened Kit

Priestess's Kit

Oriental Lin Package

Lin BRGC Exclusive Package

Azin's Requiem Visual Bundle

Red Warrior Pack

Warrior Pack

Black Fox Package

Fire Fox Pack

Visual Fox Kit Blue

Ruyjin Visual Package

Visual Package of Divine Justice

Visual Package of the Divine Passion

Paladin's Visual Package

Scarlet Paladin Package

Glamorous Templar Package

Corrupted Paladin Visual Pack

Templar Visual Package

Paladin's Divine Visual Package

Dark Paladin Visual Package

Aurora Visual Pack

Edel's Awakening Visual Package

Captain of the Roses Package

Major Limited Visual Kit

Major Visual Kit

Captain's Package

Red Moon Package

Visual Destroyer Pack

Visual Avenger Package

Veigas Visual Awakening Package

Golden Destroyer Pack

Red Destroyer Visual Pack

Darkness Bloody Pack

Visual Package of the Scarlet Moon

Visual Uno Package


~ Preview ~

Elite Savior Package, Elite Guardian and Battle Reputation


Elite Spearman, Elite Nova pack and Elite Warlock pack


Edna Package, Elite Spell knight and Devine Justice Package




Another year that's gone by. We had several events during this period. Many ups and downs, conflicts, jokes, good times and bad ... But we are here. We got here. With a lot of struggle, dedication and work.

We appreciate all the affection and trust you have for us. We thank the players who seek to know the truth about facts and events before hitting conclusions or even based on their own thoughts. We are struggling to have a more open space with you. Many players, who truly care about us and the server, came after us to understand what was happening. This is very important for us. It is gratifying to see that regardless of the timing is good or bad, we have a share of players who are really loyal and grateful for the work we do.

Many thanks to all of you who accompanied us on this trajectory that has already completed three years. We have lots of ground ahead and lots of fun and joy to offer our players. We are a small team of fans fighting day after day to keep this nostalgia alive, from this wonderful world of Ernas that we have lived for so long.

The Grand Chase History Team thanks you for all your affection and trust! Thank you!

Best Regards,
Team Grand Chase History! 


Honorable Mentions

It is with great affection that I come here to give the spotlight to some people who were very important for this update and this Update Note to happen! Do not forget to leave a "thank you" to this dedicated gallery!

@Bio, which helped me sort out much of the content besides taking care of most of the new Alternate Class Packages alone;
@Steam who helped me work on the new packages of some Cash Store characters;
@Cold, who helped me find much of the content besides working on the Kaamos mascot. Palms for this prodigal boy!
@VovoThunder, who helped me in most of the texts of this topic, besides helping me in several files;
@MarinaNiess, who worked on creating and replicating packages, separating content, replicating various other items, and working on packages for some characters;

@Ronny who helped me in several files even me making mess in them;
@Hagoromo that has configured almost everything that is functional for this update, besides creating the immense batch of items of this update;
@pkdor, who has been working with me for days and setting up everything to do an update of this size!

@Yil@KoreanAsian, for helping translate this patch note.

Thank you so much for the work, dear ones. You deserve all the best! It is very gratifying to work with you! (I.e.



Moonlight Village;
Rebellion of the Mascots;
Return of Talin;
King Gosma's Judgment;
Visual Water Package;
Visual Air Package;
Visual Mist Package;
Visual Package of Moonlight Village;
Visual Package of Priest / Priestess;
Visual Accessories Package for Priest / Priestess;
Black Angel Visual Package;
Surprise Chest - Silver;
Surprise Chest - Gold;
Surprise Chest - Platinum;
Elf Wings;
Gundam wings;
Demon Wings;
Visual Wings of the Corrupted Angel;
Items from the Haunted Village Forge;
Items of the Talin Return Forge
Items from the Forge of King Gosma's Judgment;
Items of the Forge by Victory Coins.


What Left 

Weapons of Gaia;
Shimmering Accessories;
(Avito) Defender's shields;
(Avito) Tirfing of the Inquisitor;
(Avito) Ceremonial Swords;
(Avito) Accessory Gakkung;
(Avito) Accessory Katana;
(Avito) Accessory Pique;
(Avito) Accessory Pandora;
(Avito) Lovely Microphone;
Vajra accessory;
Seamus accessory;
Letter from Bakunawa;
Edna Jr .;
Mini Elesis;
Mini Elesis [Yellow];
Mini Elesis [Black];
Mini Elesis [White];
Name change;
Skill Tree Reset Card;
Sirioth Rewards System;
Archangel Rewards System;
Dark Nightmare Rewards System;
Keter Rewards System;
Serpion Rewards System;
Twinky Rewards System.